We arrived in Paris and our hostel is called The 3 Ducks. I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t even 1 duck around, let alone 3! It was duck-less. I wanted to see them waddling around doing cute duck things. The room had an ensuite which was great but it was far too small. Apparently, it usually accommodates  4 people which I just could not believe! Anyway, on our first day we went to see the Eiffel Tower which was nice but it is a shame you get bombarded by people selling selfie sticks and key rings who then run like the wind when the police casually stroll past. We also walked through Jardin des Tuileries and towards The Lourve. We didn’t go in but took some fabulous snaps and enjoyed the fresh rainy air. Everyone suggests that the metro is the best way to get around, but on that day we did a lot of walking. My legs were so sore but it was great to see the sights even though it was pissing it down. Oh, can I just add one thing before starting this post? €4.90 for a sandwich in a supermarket?! Are you friggin’ kidding me?! And €5.50 for a wrap. Paris…more like Pa..taking the PISS! I didn’t think I would find anywhere more pricey than Venice but whoop here it is! Oh how I miss those Austrian Hofer days. The restaurants were also expensive. We will have to spend these final three days surviving on rain water and dust. Anyway, enough about sandwich-gate! 

The best part about this trip was our visit to DISNEYLAND! Honestly, I can’t believe how amazing it was. It is truly magical. Actually, pardon my French but it was shitting awesome! I really did not want to leave. I don’t know all the ins and outs of Disney films, for example I’ve never seen Bambi, but you don’t need to be a pro to enjoy this place. The rides are so much fun. Buzz Lightyear’s Lazor Quest is a blast. Aerosmith’s rollercoaster was rocking. The Ratatouille ride left me hungry for more and Star Wars Hyperspace was out of this world. Nothing else we do in Paris is going to outshine this day. 

On our last day we went to see some of the usual touristy haunts. Took a metro trip to the Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame and The Shakespeare & Company Bookshop. I used to work in Stratford upon Avon’s Shakespeare bookshop and thought that was busy but Holy Moly! This Paris shop was packed. I only had a browse around and took lots of pictures of their cat. It was a cutie of a cat. I stared at the cat. I stroked the cat. I spoke to the cat. Such a soft little floofball. I love cats. Sorry… What was I talking about? I would totally go back to Paris again…Disneyland Paris that is! Our Europe interrailing trip has finally come to an end and even though I will be sad, it will be nice to see everyone again (plus I’m exhausted!). We have a jam packed summer filled with festivals and events, and are both looking forward to see where travelling will take us in the very near future. Watch this space…

Here we are enjoying Paris and getting frustrated at our malfunctioning selfie stick 


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