Room issues! So…we thought we had booked private rooms WITH a private bathroom. Turns out that we didn’t, but have just been incredibly lucky with our hostels. We walked into the room that lacked our bathroom requirements and as you can probably imagine, we were quite surprised! We haven’t had to share anywhere so you can understand why we were a little confused. The staff at The Circus Hostel were excellent however, and moved us into an upgraded room whilst trying to contact the company that booked it for us (Euroventure). The room was amazing and not only did it have an ensuite, it also had a private kitchen area and a private balcony. SCORE! After talking with Euroventure, we discovered that we had only paid for private rooms but Euroventure were really helpful and offered to pay the difference because it was unclear. After this stressful check-in, we decided to pop out to buy a burrito and on our way there, we saw a lovely chap “shooting up” on a vacant shop stairwell. #HeroininBerlin (ooh, that actually sounds like a great start to a poem). We were already feeling anxious about our room mix up so seeing that all in the same day was a bit too much. We bought a burrito, picked up some wine and headed back to our room. 

The next day we were feeling much better and we headed off to see the Reichstag building, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and the Holocaust Memorial. We also popped to the Topography of Terror, well I say “popped”, we actually spent over 3 hours there. It had free entrance and was filled with in depth information regarding life under Nazi rule. I would highly recommend this because it provides you with various sources including videos, audio recordings and photographs. Such a poignant exhibition that deserves a 5 star rating! The following day we laced up our walking boots and went to find Eastside Gallery which is The Berlin Wall covered in amazing artwork. My favourite piece was this: 

On to our next stop…our favourite place…Amsterdam!


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