As we are now aware of our booking error, we are prepared for shared facilities. We will try not to be shocked. It’s good that we prepared ourselves because that’s exactly what we got. Private room with a sink- great. Shared bathroom- not so great. But hey, we will be out enjoying Amsterdam so we won’t be spending much time hanging around the hostel! I have to tell you though that The Flying Pig Uptown is a shithole. Our room was tiny for one person, let alone two! You could brush your teeth, lie in bed and answer the door all at the same time. It’s not even the room size that was a major problem, it also had some very questionable I-don’t-want-to-think-about-it stains on the black scratchy toenail-catching carpet. Oh, an update on my whirlpool toenail by the way: half of it is hanging on by a thread…delicious! The shared toilet and shower were small and gross with lots of hacking up phlegm noises echoing off the walls as someone took a shower. Most delightful. The staff were OK, they didn’t really do anything to annoy us but they were just OK. A little bit naive perhaps?  I think our room must have been an empty storage closet and then one day they decided to squish a double bed in there. It was nice that they had a smoking room downstairs and a free breakfast. They are the only two positive points about it. It is a shame that we had to stay in a dump in our favourite city, but onwards and upwards and I was sure that we would soon feel a little more relaxed in a few hours time…

Anyway, we should talk about the beautiful views of Amster-DAM IT’S BEAUTIFUL. I won’t tell you everything we did but perhaps I’ll give some sly hints throughout this paragraph. See if you can spot them. It was quite a walk to the centre, but because we love the streets of Amsterdam, we really didn’t mind the walk. You’ll always come across a quirky cafe, cool souvenirs and hipster BAKEry shops. We also took a trip to Anne Frank’s House which was really informative and emotional. Go and visit the place if you get a chance. It really hits you in the feels. Afterwards, we took some photos by the canal and bridges and it always feel comforting to walk along the historic cobbled STONED floors. In the evening, we went to visit the Red Light Disctrict which can be fascinating. It’s very odd to see girls behind glass doorways ‘packaged up’ like Barbie Dolls. We will always love Amsterdam and we try and visit every year. Next time, I think we should find a fancy apartment with balcony that is a little closer to the centre so we don’t feel like we have walked the Scottish HIGHlands every time we want to go into town. 


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