Next stop…STAG CENTRAL. HONK HONK! #ladsontour 

It is important I tell you how wonderful our hostel is! Tea/ coffee making facilities, luxury toiletries, wonderfully decorated- it is our favourite place! We even had a chandelier in our bedroom, a bloody chandelier! Unlike some heavy-fringed singer/songwriter, I had no intention of swinging from that particular chandelier. We were knackered when we first arrived so decided to have an early one. We wanted to find a place for a bite to eat and then head back to our room. We came across a restaurant called ‘The Craft’ which is named after its fine selection of craft beers. We liked the idea of entering this establishment to find Neve Campbell partaking in a bit of witchcraft, but the only sorcery going on was the SAUCERY onto my delicious French fries. The service at this place was amazing because there was only one waitress and she was serving the whole restaurant by herself! She did a great job and was really welcoming and friendly. She could probably also bench press me and Jordan put together, so… you go girl! 

The next day we explored the city. Everyone recommended getting the tram but we didn’t need to to be honest. It’s better to walk anyway because you get to see more of the city. We went to see The Lennon Wall and Shakespeare Bookshop. The Lennon Wall was great to see when there wasn’t tonnes of people just standing in front of it taking selfies. I mean, I’m all up for a few pics here and there but you’ve got people posing in positions “looking natural” as they pout their lips whilst smizing (smiling with your eyes, for all you Tyra Banks fans out there!). There was also a couple who asked someone to take a picture of them kissing “naturally” in front of the wall. Nothing says peace, love and be who you are than a forced photo snog that takes about 4 attempts because the lighting doesn’t look right on the camera. #aunaturel 

On our final day, we visited Prague Castle which provided amazing views over the city. We’ve been quite lucky that we’ve been able to walk to some pretty spots to get some memorable views. The ticket to the castle also included entrance to The Golden Lane. The streets are so small and were created at the end of the 16th century. The inhabitants of these houses included rich and poor people, a herbal doctor, artists and a clairvoyant called Madame de Thèbes. Sadly she was tortured to death by Nazis after predicting the fall of Hitler’s Third Reich. I’m sure you want to hear all about death and toruture in a traveller’s blog. But it is a very interesting place to visit and full of facts, so visit should you find yourself in Prague anytime soon. We had a great day but I was so excited for the evening because we had purchased tickets to see Don Giovanni at The Marionette Theatre. I had been wanting to see a ‘puppet show’ since Austria and we were finally going to see one. We googled a summary of the opera beforehand but you can roughly understand the storyline anyway. I’ve always been fascinated by puppets and how they’re operated. The performance was perfect. The crew also made it very funny and it was the highlight of our Prague trip. Tip: sit at the back of the theatre- you get the best view of the stage! Also, if anyone wants to buy me a present- please let it be a mini marionette, I love them! I had planned to buy one but due to all our interrailing plans and heavy bags, it really wouldn’t be a sensible idea (plus Jordan thinks they are kind of creepy). 


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