Back into Austria we go! Hallo! Our hostel, Wombats- The Lounge, was one of the easiest hostels to find. It was close to the centre. Well most of our hostels have been fairly close to the centre, but this one was really quick to spot. Our first choice of museum was to be Sigmund Freud’s clinic and apartment. It was very informative, with lots of photographs of his family and clients. A video with commentary from his daughter, Anna, was very poignant and we saw footage of Freud in his final years residing in London. Overall, it was a very informative penis…I mean museum! Later on in the day, we decided to visit the Imperial Crypt with lots of ornate coffins- it was dead impressive. On our final day, we walked to the Schönbrunn Palace and gardens which is also home to the Marionette Theatre. I wanted to watch one of their puppet performances but the timings didn’t quite work out for what we had planned for the day, so I will try and visit a puppet theatre in Prague! The marionettes are really intricate and fascinating. In the wonders of the palace, there were lots of fountains which made me need the loo more often than normal. Vienna? More like Pee- enna! There was also a labyrinth (The Goblin King nowhere in sight!) and a maze filled with puzzles and challenges. You could say it was a-maze-ing…

In the late afternoon, we took a trip to the Leopold Museum. To be honest and I’m sure some art fanatic out there will disagree, but it was pretty boring. The downstairs exhibition was the most exciting which saw funky designs by Carl Switzweg. There was a house that had narrow hallways and furniture. A house perfect for a mouse! I loved the tiny bathroom with tiny taps and a tiny towel. So cute! Uncomfortable but cute!  There was also a room full of gherkins. A room full of gherkins?…more like has this been guy been wherkin’? Although, out of all the art out there, I would much rather see some quirky abstract stuff  than ‘ye olde painting where everyone’s face looks the same’. During our Vienna visit, we also got caught up in some kind of protest. I think it was about climate change and the EU. There was a band with a really catchy repetitive chorus that went: ‘All I want, I want, I want. All I need, I need, I need is system change’ and lots of hippies bobbing around with their long hair blowing in the breeze. Right on, bro! I was indeed, digging it! There is so much to see and do in Vienna, I will have to go back again someday soon! 


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