I’m going to start with a pun because it has to be done (that rhymed!). Budapest is Buda-ful. It’s also very cheap, which makes it ever so more appealing. It’s also the latest destination for a stag stag stag with the lads lads lads. As we strolled down the strip garnished with fancy restaurants and bars, my eyes were always drawn to the varying fancy dress of the lads on tour. The most popular of themes being the smurf costume. A wave of blue body paint and white shorts would often catch my eye as their blue exterior glared amongst the illuminating lights and street lamps. A wonderful sight as you can probably imagine. The great thing about Budapest is that you can wander down the streets and come across some stylish graffiti artwork. Most of their roads would fashion some sort of doodle which needed to be documented via video camera and/or iPhone. I shall share these photos with you once I finally get around to uploading them. 

On our second day, we visited the Dohany Street Synagogue and walked to Castle Hill. That’s right, it’s a castle on top of a hill. It offers some truly excellent views of the city and with all that walking, you’ve burned off some calories too! Our third day here was my favourite day. We visited the Szechenyi Baths and opted for a spa offer, which allowed us to dip into all the indoor and outdoor pools, use the sauna and the relaxation room (which allowed us to gorge upon unlimited fruit bowls and herbal tea). The outdoor pool is so much fun and so warm. They also have a whirlpool and when that gets going- Good Lord it’s enjoyable. With so many people joining too, it’s hard not to whirl into someone’s hairy back. Some people also think it’s a good idea to just lounge on the side, which means that everyone slows down but it’s really hard to stop mid-whirl! If peeps wanna be chilling then they can go and do that in the remaining MASSIVE pool. I remember one particular occasion in the whirlpool when I was flying around at speed and saw someone stalling in front of me and I knew there was no way I was going to be falling into their rotund sweaty belly. Like I have said, it’s really difficult to stop and having no purchase upon the edge meant that I had to dig my feet into the pool floor and hope for the best. My feet dug into that floor and toes curled, cracking a nail in the process. I was not going to be put in the situation of coming face to face with a stranger’s hairy mole. I wouldn’t want to be face to face with a hairy mole that I knew, let alone a stranger’s! You’ll be happy to know that even with a cracked toenail, I was able to muster enough strength to avoid a face date with SM (stranger’s mole). I’m not making this spa sound glamorous but it was very enjoyable! Anyway, after this energetic swimming session, we headed up to the spa where we could really relax. We had robes and towels (delightfully scented) with an endless supply of fruit coming out of our eyeballs! It was a great treat and definitely what I needed after all this walking we have done. Calming music, hammocks, tea, fruit, board games all in one room- how refreshing! Who- da- best? …Bu-da-pest! 


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