We decided to stay for just two nights at this destination because it is quite a small city. Small but sweet. A bit like this blog. Our hostel was called Hostel Blues, and our apartment was nicely decorated. In general, the hostel atmosphere was very positive and friendly. The staff were really helpful and provided us with plenty of sightseeing options. We walked to Bratislava Castle and gardens. It was a very windy day but Jordan and I were well equipt with warm bobble hats. Always bring a hat with you travelling. Always. I’ve worn it so many times during this trip. We started to get peckish and what better way to tantalise our tastebuds than to visit the traditional Slovak Pub. The food was delish. Jordan opted for the goulash and I had the cabbage soup. I was a bit dubious at first incase I would regret it the next day when it would be coming outta me like bratisLAVA. But you’ll be glad to hear that everything was fine and it was extremely tasty. Would highly recommend. On the evening, just an easy 3 minute walk from our hostel, there was a street food festival and craft beer festival. I decided to have some fish and chips. Not traditional Slovak food I know, but damn- it was good! We ended the evening by having a drink back at the hostel and playing some table football with some fellow travellers. 


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