Guten Tag from Salzburg! Our train journey here from Venice was a long one. Sitting on your arse for a six hour train ride can be quite exhausting. When we arrived at Salzburg Hauptbahnhof, we followed the directions to our hostel. I’m awful at directions and also very stubborn. For example, if I’m driving and my sat-nav tells me that it is straight ahead but indeed, I can see that there is a brick wall ahead of me then rather than use my initiative and travel an alternative route, I will drive head first into that bad boy because Miss Sassy Sat Nav Bitch told me so. I say Miss because you know that digital demon can’t hold down any relationship with a bossy and smug attitude like hers. Anyway, with no Sat-Nav available, we had only the instructions from the company we booked this interrailing trip with. We followed those instructions. They were wrong. We got cross. I got stubborn. We were knackered. We walked back to the train station to start again. This time we made it. What was suppose to be a 20 minute walked turned into 60 minutes. There’s nothing better than feeling tired, your shoulders crippling from the weight in your backpack and not knowing where your going…it’s great. Our room at the Meininger Hostel is lovely and had a great view of the snowy mountain tops. It also had a great view of the local ‘Hofer’ , which is basically Aldi. There’s nothing better than knowing, that, should I need to, I can hike up a mountain, purchase a wheelbarrow and an inflatable jacuzzi all in the same day. 

On our second day we visited Mozart’s Birthplace and residence. I would recommend buying a ticket for the birthplace only because the information at both properties can be quite repetitive. Let me tell you a fact about Mozart, so you can really get a feel for this Salzburg serenader: Mozart had quite the crush on his wife’s sister but he was rejected by her. Mozart? More like NOzart. 

We also ate some delicious food in Cafe Mozart. I ate some Schweinbratwürstel and had apfelstrudel for dessert whilst Jordan had some bierfleish and chocolate cake. I’ve never seen Jordan look at anything with such lust than when that chocolate cake was placed on the table. We felt really Austrian, all we needed was some lederhosen…perhaps I could have bought one from the local Hofer! 

Our third day was filled with the Sound of Music. I like to sing that sentence to the tune too! Go on, you give it a try. The Sound of Music is my favourite film, so I’m probably going to be a bit biased anyway but… What a fabulous tour! To be honest, even if you’re not a massive fan of the film, I would thoroughly recommend anyway because you get to visit some amazing sights. The town of Mondsee in particular was beautiful- a great place to take some scenic snaps and to yodel. Our guide was so very funny and made the journey a memorable one. Do- ri- Me – oh- my he was a darling! He told us some excellent anecdotes and made the atmosphere a comfortable one! He told lots of puns and jokes, so as you can imagine, I took an immediate liking to him! I’ll leave you now to make up some of your very own Mozart and Sound of Music related jokes. Let me know how you get on. On to our next stop… Budapest! 


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