Well, what is there to say about Venice? An absolutely mesmerising place. The prices are also mesmerising, but it’s worth every penny! On our first day, we spent €56 before even checking into our hostel. We needed to buy a three day vaperetto pass which enables you to use the boats and visit the different islands, and with our hostel being on a different island then we needed this pass! Thank the Lord that they offer discount to under 29s and that is literally the only discount they do. None for the over 60s which was a surprise. Move over senior citizens, the young ‘uns are in town! This hostel is my favourite yet. It is called Generator Hostel and has the quirkiest rooms. I guess I can describe it as an attic room with low wooden beams and a beautiful view of Venice across the river. The beams were so low that even I had to duck and I’m a short arse. I also managed to bump my knee several times on the corner of the bed. Yes, I’m blaming the room and not my clumsiness. Anyway, on our first day we thought it would be a good idea to get our bearings and wander through the narrow streets filled with fancy shops and cafes. And did we gather our bearings, I hear you ask? No. No we did not. I’m not really sure if anyone in Venice knows where they’re going to be honest. The buildings are so tall and sign posts seem to be non existent in Italy. I’m actually surprised I’m not still there wandering around aimlessly. 

On our second day, the sun was out and we knew this was it- time to have a gay gondola ride. Gondola rides are pricey but let’s be honest, you can’t go to Venice and not have a gondola ride! We, of course, chose the best gondola as we had an extra special gentleman on board… A dog! Unfortunately, I don’t know the dog’s name, but I’m going to call him Luigi. Luigi The Dog. He was an old boy and was quite slow on his feet, but he knew exactly where to sit and spent most of the ride lazing in the sun. I tried to get a picture but dared not to move around too much, otherwise I was gon-da-be-falling-into-the-canal. After a lovely gondola ride (I’ve said gondola too much now- it’s gone weird…) in the sunshine, we gave Luigi a stroke goodbye and made our way to a restaurant for a tasty beer. Venice is a great place to people watch and that’s exactly what we did! There were two Italian girls, street performers, and I use that term loosely because all they did was stand by a busy bridge, dressed in a ball gown, wearing a mask, waving at people. They were trying to tempt visitors into taking a picture with them. No harm in that though, is there? In 30 minutes, about five people were encouraged to have their photos taken with them but of course, nothing in Italy is free. Don’t get me wrong, I think street performers should get a few bob for their talents but these girls were charging random amounts of money to different people. One guy paid €2, whilst another guy had to pay €10 and someone else had to cough up €20. These were prices they were charging, not voluntary contributions. Each person would then walk passed our table and vacantly stare into their now moth filled wallets and shake their heads in disappointment. Ve-nice to meet you, can I have your money now? 

A windy start to our third day (no not because of all my gaseous brews the night before) but we popped on our waterproofs and took a nice long walk around the island. With the wind in our hair and our cheeks slightly crisp from wind burn, we had a lovely and relaxed day enjoying the views of Venice. Anyway, ciao for now, I’m off to buy a ball gown and mask and work some magic on the streets of Venice… 


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